Tag 24, Performance, 2003

Performance, 2003, 24 minutes, (excerpt 2 min.)

Performed at the festival “Les Grandes Traversées, Sasha Waltz & Guests”, Bordeaux, France
Fife dancers, fife musicians, and fife speakers chronologically run through the daily routines of five people at the age of 9 to 82, converting activity-sequences into motion, sound, and speech. The musicians work with a musical score that follows the temporal structure of the activities; the speakers provide instructions to the dancers, orienting themselves thereby toward the clock at the edge of the stage.
dancers: Michal Mualem, Clementine Deluy, Takako Suzuki, Sigal Zouk, Lisa Densem
musicians: Anton Lokuszevieze, Adrian Pereyra, Joanna Dudley, Burkhard Schlothauer, Michael Vorfeld
announcers: Norbert Steinwarz, Maria Marta Colusi, Gayson Millwood, Salome Schneebli, Mikel Aristegui
The Video was produced by ODc, Breville, Fr.