Routines Performance 2015

Performance, 2014, at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, 48 min. (excerpt 14 min.)

Choreography: Barbara Steppe and Lindy Annis, Video: David Winnerstam, Furniture: Hans-Peter Jochum, Berlin

25 individuals, who work professionally in the art world, participated in this project. All participants were asked to record on a workday in November 2013, their activities for 24 hours, quoting the exact times, also thoughts and notes were to be included in the protocol. During the performance, each author read out loud her/his own daily routine. A manipulated clock running through the 24 hours of a day in just 48 minutes gave the impulse for the recital and determined the cue for the specific sentences from the time-bound journals. The diaries were read synchronously. In parts, this made for a spoken chorus. The dramaturgy of the piece was determined by a rhythm of dense phases of the day, in which most participants were active, and quieter moments.

Ingrid Buschmann (curator, Freunde Guter Musik e.V., Berlin), Kerstin Drechsel (artist, Berlin), Arnold Dreyblatt (artist, professor for media art, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, Kiel / Berlin), Birgit Effinger (art historian, Co-Director Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, Berlin), Thomas Fischer (gallery owner, Berlin), Heiner Franzen (artist, Berlin), Peter Funken (curator, Berlin), Asta Gröting (artist, Professor for sculpture, HBK Braunschweig, Berlin), Leiko Ikemura (artist, Professor for painting, UdK Berlin), Veronika Kellndorfer (artist, Berlin), Nina Koidl (gallery owner, Berlin), Hannah Kruse (art historian, Director Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, Berlin), Käthe Kruse (artist, Berlin), Nicola Kuhn (editor, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin), Adrian Lohmüller (artist, Berlin), Hanne Loreck (Professor for art and cultural studies and gender studies, HfbK Hamburg, Berlin), Christiane Meixner (art critic, Berlin), Matt Mullican (artist, Professor for sculpture, HfbK Hamburg, New York / Berlin), Ursula Sax (artist, Berlin), Britta Schmitz (curator Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin), Daniel Schreiber (author, editor, art critic, Berlin), Valerie Smith (curator, Berlin / New York), Sassa Trülzsch (gallery owner, Berlin), Marco Poloni (artist, Berlin), Ivo Wessel (collector, Berlin).