Hier, ce soir, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris

Hier, ce soir, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris 2015

groud floor of the Gallery: RoutinesII 2014, audio, 48 Min, loop.
pinned to the walls: Protocols translated into french

Twenty people, who are working professionally in the art world, participated in this project. They were asked to record a workday in November 2013, listing all their activities in a timesheet, with the exact time and duration over a period of 24 hours. Also thoughts and notes were to be included in the protocol. these timesheets were read out by the respective authors and were thereby recorded in the soundstudio.The audiorecordings were afterwards segmented and reassembled in accordance with the times listed in the Protocolls, over a timeline of 48 minutes.The 48 minutes correspond to the 24 hours of a day here.Finally the 20 audio tracs produced with this method were resyncronized.
The dramaturgy of the piece is determined by a rhythm of dense phases of the day, in which all participants are active, and quieter moments.