transit (Kunst am Bau)

The work was developed for the lobby of the Hotel Wedina in Hamburg. In 2001, thirty hotel guests were requested to keep a log of their stay in Hamburg and to note down the exact amount of time given to each activity. The information taken from this was summarized and translated visually. The hallway thus became a portrait of the average hotel guest. The walls, floor and ceiling are covered uniformly in grey concrete with different sized red pigmented, inlayed areas. These red surfaces are inscribed with their respective activity and its period of time given in a percentage. The entirety of the red surfaces represents all the activities within 24 hours. The size of each red surface correlates to the amount of time the activity required.

frühstücken 4,88% (und zeitung lesen 3,1%) schlafen 30,04% nachtleben 6,15% hafenrundfahrt, sightseeing 1,48% auf dem bett liegen, ausruhen 3,24% wohnungssuche 1,3% arbeiten 6,47% körperpflege, garderobe 4,07% museumsbesuch 1,14% kino 2,2% essen mit freunden 8,12% arbeitsessen 4,3% schmusen, sex 1,55% lesen 3,22% koffer ein/auspacken 1,16% einkaufen, schaufensterbummel 7,99% unterwegs von a nach b 11,5% telefonieren, korrespondenz 1,19%